Image Tools

This extension consists of a few small tools (template tags) to make it easier to handle images in your templates: findimages, thumbnail and stripimages.

Author: PivotX Team,

Tags: , ,

Version: 0.8.1

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.3.6

Last updated: January 10, 2015

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7. Delicious widget

This is a simple widget extension, that displays your latest bookmarks. More info →


8. Depublish

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12. Entry Calendar

A widget to display a calendar with your PivotX entries. More info →


13. External Links

This extension will make all external links open in a new browser window. Optionally, it will add a small icon to the link, so y… More info →


14. Extra Imagefield

This extension adds extra fields to the Entries and Pages, to add images in a uniform way. More info →


15. Facebook Like Button

This extension allows you to insert a Facebook 'Like' button on your pages and entries. Using this button, your visitors can 'Li… More info →


16. Fancybox

This extension contains two snippets: A snippet, popup , that replaces the built-in Thickbox popups with Fancybox pop… More info →


17. Feedgrabber

The Feedgrabber extension lets you 'crawl' one or more external RSS feeds, of which the items will be added to your PivotX as s… More info →


18. Formbuilder This extension is superseded (go to replacement)

The formclass is a drop in form to mail script that you can use for multiple forms on your website. It is also a template based … More info →


19. Gallery

This extension enables you to add simple galleries to your entries or pages. With the gallery extension you can upload multiple … More info →


20. gCalendar

With this extension you may embed one or more public Google Calendars in your PivotX website. You may combine up to 10 calendars… More info →


21. GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

This extension enables you to syntax highlight code samples written in almost any language. It uses GeSHi - the Generic Syntax… More info →


22. Google Analytics

This extension adds the Google Analytics tracking code to your PivotX pages with full control over tracking code customization. … More info →


23. Google Calendar

This extension enables you to include items/events from one or more (public) Google Calendars. After enabling this extension, yo… More info →


24. Google Maps

In most cases it's recommended to use the Google Maps (Version 3) extension in stead of this one. This extension enables … More info →


25. Google Maps (Version 3)

This extension enables you to display a map from Google Maps in your PivotX blog. Additionally, you can add an overlay on the ma… More info →


26. Google Plus One button

This extension allows you to insert a Google +1 button on your pages and entries. Using this button, your visitors can '+1' your… More info →


27. Hierarchical Menus

This extension will allow you to add hierarchical menus (for your chapters and pages) to your PivotX site. More info →


28. HitCounter

HitCounter is an extension to create top-X lists of entries or pages in your site. It keeps track of hits for the last_week… More info →


29. http:BL

This extension implements a hook that can protect your site from search engines, suspicious, harvesters, comment spammers, or a… More info →


30. Image Tools

This extension consists of a few small tools (template tags) to make it easier to handle images in your templates: findimages, t… More info →


31. widget

This is a simple widget extension, that displays your latest scrobbled songs on . More info →


32. Lifestream widget

This is a simple but highly configurable widget, that displays your latest Tweets, search results from Twitter, Scrobbled songs… More info →


33. Media extension

This is a simple extension that allows you to embed audio files and local video files, as well as videos from Youtube and Vimeo. More info →


34. Mobile site

This extension enables you to show a mobile version of your website to your visitors. It works best in combination with the d… More info →


35. Multisite Transparent

This extension is useful when you use PivotX in multisite mode. Multisite Transparent makes the links to resources like images… More info →


36. Nivoslider

The Nivoslider extension makes it possible to insert a Nivoslider slideshow to your pages. Almost all of Nivosliders options c… More info →


37. oEmbed

With this extension you can easily embed videos and images from several sites like Youtube and Vimeo More info →


38. OOPs

An extension to give PivotX an Object Oriented Framework. This extension adds an OO-framework by adding various low-leve… More info →


39. Password Protect

Adds an option to the PivotX editor to protect pages and entries with passwords. You can give different passwords for entries/pa… More info →


40. Picasagallery

Picasagallery is a frontend for your Picasa Web album. Together with your gmail-account you got one gigabyte of free webspace fo… More info →


41. Picnik image editor This extension is superseded (go to replacement)

An extension that enables you to edit your images through the great online image editor service at . Picnik will… More info →


42. Pivote Voting

Pivote is an article rating or voting system, with a user friendly interface that responds interactively to cursor movements and… More info →


43. PivotX Tools

The PivotX Tools extension is a collection of tools to manipulate your PivotX database - in ways not yet supported by the standa… More info →


44. Piwik Analytics

This extension adds the Piwik tracking code. After enabling the extension, you must configure it. NB! You need to download… More info →


45. Pixlr

A tool to edit uploaded images with the excellent Pixlr photo editor. More info →


46. Publish Preview

Sometimes you want to share a page or entry on your site when it is not published. With the publish preview you will get a link … More info →


47. Queued Entries

The Qeued entries extension adds a small block to the Dashboard Screen, showing the entries that are set to 'Timed Publish' or '… More info →


48. Related Entries

This extension provides a [[ related_entries ]] template tag to display a list of related entries. NB! Currently it onl… More info →


49. SEO - Search Engine Optimization

This extension allows you to easily add several meta-tags to your website. It does this by adding relevant meta-tags to all page… More info →


50. Shortcodes

A small extension which makes it possible to add a label to snippets with re-usable HTML or text. This label can be used to inse… More info →


51. SimplePager

A simple extension to create client-side pagination. The extension uses the excellent SimplePager jQuery plugin . Usef… More info →


52. Slideshow

This extension enables you to easily display a slideshow on your site. It can be used either as a widget or as a snippet/templat… More info →


53. Slidingpanel

This extension adds a semi-transparent jQuery sliding panel to your PivotX website. In this panel you may show an ordinary text … More info →


54. Sociable

This extension adds links to various social bookmarking sites. After enabling this extension, you can configure it in the admini… More info →


55. Star Rating

This extension allows visitors to vote on entries and/or pages. You can use this extension to create a list of 'highest rated' e… More info →


56. Syntax Highlighter

An extension to show code in your blog with proper highlighting. It is powered by SyntaxHighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. More info →


57. Tablesorter

This extension enables you to add (client-side) sorting to any column of any table. The extension uses the excellent jQuer… More info →


58. Twitter Button

This extension allows you to insert a Twitter button on your pages and entries. Using this button, your visitors can post links … More info →


59. Ultimate Fields This extension is superseded (go to replacement)

This extension has been deprecated. It is superseded by the Bonus Fields extension. Ultimate fields is an extrafield genera… More info →


60. Useragent Information in Comments

This extension adds useragent information to your commenters' comments. More info →


61. WZUP

The WZUP extension tracks and displays the number of times individual weblog entries (articles) have been viewed. This extens… More info →


62. XML Sitemap

This extension enables you generate an XML Sitemap for your site. Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engi… More info →