Google Analytics

This extension adds the Google Analytics tracking code to your PivotX pages with full control over tracking code customization.

You can also add a small block on the dashboard that shows statistics from Analytics.
(This doesn't work at the moment because the new API needs to be incorporated so if any one feels the need?)
With advanced customization options that allow you to track subdomains within one profile, setup your custom campaigns, change the session timeout limit, and use GoogleAnalytics in combination with Urchin. All these settings can be managed from the extension configuration page.

As a pre-requisite you need a GoogleAnalytics account.

Author: Wim Bekkers / Bob den Otter / Harm Kramer,

Tags: , ,

Version: 0.7.2

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.1.0

Last updated: August 31, 2013

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