Bonus Fields

An extension to add a large variety of extra fields to pages or entries. You can add input text, radio buttons, image fields, galleries, textarea's, file uploads, etc.

Version 1.21 and up needs PivotX 3.0 pre-alpha (revision 4096+) for select_multiple/taxonomy(!) support.

This extension supercedes the ultimatefields extension.

Simple input types:

  • input text,
  • textarea,
  • select,
  • radio,
  • checkbox
  • file-uploaders.

Advanced types include:

  • wysiwyg,
  • image,
  • gallery imagelist,
  • date/datetime,
  • page/uri selection,
  • choose parent page,
  • choose category/chapter,
  • separator line,
  • view-only types,
  • add own html.

Additional features:

  • add field only when certain categories/chapter are/is selected,
  • upcoming multilingual pivotx-support,
  • fill select's or radio's with an SQL query,
  • fill select's or radio's with your own callback,
  • hierarchal page implementation when using 'choose parent page',
  • \ automatically adds 'hierarchal view', entries&pages > hierarchy.
  • \ adds Smarty tags for hierarchal views, traversal and breadcrumbs

Author: Marcel Wouters,

Tags: ,

Version: 1.33

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.2.0

Last updated: November 30, 2013

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