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The formclass is a drop in form to mail script that you can use for multiple forms on your website. It is also a template based and more advanced version that you can use. The script uses the Swiftmailer library ( ) and a modified version of the formlibrary that is included in PivotX ( )

Formbuilder will not work on servers with PHP 4

The latest version requires pivotx 2.1.0

Server system Requirements
You need a webserver with PHP (Version 5.x) and access to the mail function or a SMTP account and PivotX 2.1.0 or higher.

Client Requirements
It's also important to note that jQuery must be enabled on your site because the very rudimentary spamprotection needs it.

Skills needed for customization
To customize the form you need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS. For advanced configuration you need PHP knowledge.

For versions of pivotx 2.1.0 prior to beta7 you can use version 0.20 but you're on your own there.

Author: Two Kings,

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Version: 0.24

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.1.0

Last updated: September 24, 2010

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