Password Protect

Adds an option to the PivotX editor to protect pages and entries with passwords. You can give different passwords for entries/pages or define a default password for all protected content.
The default password can protect the entire site, weblogs or all entries from specific categories or chapters.

If enabled for a certain page or entry, the visitor will have to give the password, otherwise he/she will not see the content. Passwords are case-sensitive, but the used username is irrelevant. You can also select to allow access (without giving the password) to users that are already logged into PivotX.

Note: Do not use this extension for really secret stuff. The content of the page or entry is still stored in plain text in the database, so a very dedicated cracker might still find a way to get the information. Compare it to an ordinary bikelock: It will prevent people from taking your bike, but a professional will have the tools to break it open, and steal the bike anyway.

Author: PivotX Team,

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Version: 1.3

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.3.2

Last updated: June 27, 2013

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