Bonus Forms

This is an extension to add forms to your website.

It provides a webGUI-editor to manipulate forms. Most standard field types, basic validation checks, spam-protection, mail functionality and showing messages when done, or redirecting when done, are built-in.

It contains shortcuts for adding standard contact and mail-a-friend buttons. Both can be customised using the editor.

Validation, spam-protection, mail are all added by default but can be removed or their settings changed to suit your needs. There are standard HTML templates (using Smarty), but you can override them to suit your needs. Styling is not included in this BETA release. Most HTML form inputs are selectable and can be validated and/or mailed.

Spam-protection can be disabled if not needed, but can provide the extra protection against spammers if enabled. Validation can also be disabled, but by default provides checks like 'required' or 'must-be-e-mail', etc. Mail can use user-inputted to or from addresses but can also use fixed values for those. Every form can be BCC to multiple fixed addresses.

While the extension can already do most basic form handling, in actual fact it's only a framework where other developers can add their own custom field elements, form handlers or validations checks. The extension uses it's own framework to add all the default features it provides.

Documentation is available although it's a bit scarce at the moment. There is almost no documentation needed if you're a front-end designer that wants to add a form, the GUI takes care of most difficult chores.

Author: Marcel Wouters,

Tags: , , ,

Version: 0.15

Required minimum PivotX version: 2.2.5

Last updated: February 22, 2014

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