The extension guidelines are still a work in progress. We have some documentation guidelines and examples.

Add your extension

To submit an extension please email us ( a description of what it does and include the extension in an archive.

We will review your extension before publishing it here. At the moment we don't have many formal guidelines in place, but your extension should include a readme and documentation.


Please follow these guidelines for the documentation:

  • An extension must have a "readme.txt" with some minimal information about the author and the extension.
  • Also create a "docs" folder with either "docs/summary.markdown" or "docs/index.markdown". The latter needs some extra pages.
  • The documentation may only be flat text, markdown text, and images - this is for your safety and our workload, we don't want to check for security exploits in the documentation, and any javascript, php code or css expression can create one.
  • Don't use external resources. You may link to other sites, but please use "target=_blank" in the link.

Formal guidelines

These guidelines are currently in place:

  • If your extension needs to add scripts or other files to the web page use the OUTPUTSYSTEM code to add it to the head or body in the right way (e.g. only once).
    Examples of this code are to be found in several extensions (e.g. Fancybox).
  • There are several dummy extensions you can study to learn the structure (extensions are called Hello_world, Test and Warning).
    Currently they are only available on SVN or on the unstable development location:
  • The header of your extension file has to have a certain structure (sequence is important):
    // - Extension: Extensionname
    // - Version: 0.1
    // - Author: Your name
    // - Email: your mailaddress
    // - Site: your site or
    // - Description: your description
    // - Date: 2012-07-28
    // - Identifier: youridentifier (lower case and no special characters or underscores; this is very important!)
    // - Required PivotX version: 2.3.3