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  • gCalendar
    With this extension you may embed one or more public Google Calendars in your PivotX website. You may combine up to 10 calendars in one view and have it shown as a day-, w
  • Google Plus One button
    This extension allows you to insert a Google +1 button on your pages and entries. Using this button, your visitors can '+1' your pages and entries, without leaving your si
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    This extension allows you to easily add several meta-tags to your website. It does this by adding relevant meta-tags to all pages of your site. The frontpage and other gen
  • Google Calendar
    This extension enables you to include items/events from one or more (public) Google Calendars. After enabling this extension, you can configure it in the administration sc
  • Google Maps (Version 3)
    This extension enables you to display a map from Google Maps in your PivotX blog. Additionally, you can add an overlay on the map defined by a KML-file . The extension use
  • Google Maps
    In most cases it's recommended to use the Google Maps (Version 3) extension in stead of this one. This extension enables you to display a map from Google Maps in your Pivo
  • Google Analytics
    This extension adds the Google Analytics tracking code to your PivotX pages with full control over tracking code customization. You can also add a small block on the dashb
  • XML Sitemap
    This extension enables you generate an XML Sitemap for your site. Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are avai

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