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  • Pixlr
    A tool to edit uploaded images with the excellent Pixlr photo editor.
  • Cycleshow
    An extension that implements the excellent jQuery plugin Cycle . Creates the possibility to create slideshows of every child element. Not only images but paragraphs and un
  • Extra Imagefield
    This extension adds extra fields to the Entries and Pages, to add images in a uniform way.
  • Picnik image editor
    An extension that enables you to edit your images through the great online image editor service at Picnik.com . Picnik will be discontinued as of April 12th, 2012.
  • Image Tools
    This extension consists of a few small tools (template tags) to make it easier to handle images in your templates: findimages, thumbnail and stripimages.
  • Fancybox
    This extension contains two snippets: A snippet, popup , that replaces the built-in Thickbox popups with Fancybox popups. A snippet, fancybox_setup , that enables you to u

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