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  • Nivoslider
    The Nivoslider extension makes it possible to insert a Nivoslider slideshow to your pages. Almost all of Nivosliders options can be used. The slider will automatically fin
  • Cycleshow
    An extension that implements the excellent jQuery plugin Cycle . Creates the possibility to create slideshows of every child element. Not only images but paragraphs and un
  • Gallery
    This extension enables you to add simple galleries to your entries or pages. With the gallery extension you can upload multiple images at once and sort them by dragging an
  • Slideshow
    This extension enables you to easily display a slideshow on your site. It can be used either as a widget or as a snippet/template tag in your entries/pages/templates. The
  • DirGallery
    This extension enables you to add simple galleries automatically to your entries or pages from images in filesystem directory. Derived from gallery extension.

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