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  • Slidingpanel
    This extension adds a semi-transparent jQuery sliding panel to your PivotX website. In this panel you may show an ordinary text or a normal entry. The panel can be activat
  • DivexMenu
    This snippet creates a menu which is accompanied by a div. One menu and one div. Each menu item has its own div content which will appear when hovering that one specific l
  • Cycleshow
    An extension that implements the excellent jQuery plugin Cycle . Creates the possibility to create slideshows of every child element. Not only images but paragraphs and un
  • SimplePager
    A simple extension to create client-side pagination. The extension uses the excellent SimplePager jQuery plugin . Useful when you have lots of comments on 1 page or lots o
  • Tablesorter
    This extension enables you to add (client-side) sorting to any column of any table. The extension uses the excellent jQuery Tablesorter plugin .

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